Work and Career Issues

Most of us spend more time at work than at home, therefore the workplace should be an environment where we feel safe and comfortable. However, because work-life involves many variables including working with different personalities, communication styles, management styles, managing challenging work demands to name a few; we are experiencing chronic stress, physical and mental health conditions, relational and family struggles and more.  

How Therapy Can Help

Therapy for work-related and career issues can assist clients in gaining a clearer understanding of their work/career vision and goals as well as improving strategies in managing work-related stressors more effectively.  Therapy provides a comfortable, safe and encouraging setting where clients can share their concerns, their fears, worries, or stressors with a supportive therapist who will work with clients on creating short & longer term career goals that feel manageable and empowering.

Don't hesitate to seek support with your work-related/career issues so that you can regain hope, purpose and passion for your work-life/career aspirations.

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