Parenting and Family Issues

Parenting can often be one of the most rewarding and challenging life roles to experience.   During each developmental stage, children/adolescents/young adults encounter life opportunities and their own personal challenges.  Providing parenting support can be beneficial in helping to discuss the positive and negative aspects of parenting styles, responses and impacts (positive or negative) on the family.  Parents can experience a range of emotions related to parenting/family issues such as feeling frustrated in not seeing improvements or feeling like parents have tried everything.  Children can begin to feel like nothing they do is right or become depressed, anxious, disruptive, defiant and more.  The family system can be negatively impacted with feelings of disconnection, inability to communicate, constant arguments or withdrawal.   

Seeking support from a mental health professional can help parents and families in healing from family-related trauma, improving family relationships and beginning to improve the family system to a more adaptive, supportive and healthier environment where each family member can feel accepted, heard, loved and supported.  

Parenting and family issues are oftentimes intertwined. Treatment methods vary and will depend on an individual or family situation. The healing process may focus on improving communication between family members, as well as finding healthy ways of resolving a conflict. Setting clear boundaries and communicating effectively as a parental unit can set a good example for your children and/or your spouse. If a child is suffering from a mental health condition, these are topics that can be addressed with family therapy and also individual counseling (when appropriate). 

You don’t have to face parenting and family challenges alone. Seek help from a qualified therapist so that you not only can feel supported but can also feel encouraged and empowered by experiencing positive change.

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